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Doctor York is a surgeon who appears briefly in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

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F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginEdit

York is a surgeon and Armacham Technology Corporation employee who performs an operation on Michael Becket under Genevieve Aristide’s orders, with the goal to give him reflex abilities similar to that of the Point Man.

York is only briefly seen during the aforementioned surgery on Becket. He expresses great alarm and concern for Becket, largely because the operative keeps waking up, despite the massive amount of sedatives in his body. He argues with Aristide, who insists on continuing the surgery. While York insists that "they're moving too fast," and implies that it's a miracle that Becket's alive as it is, Aristide orders him to continue on, saying they have "no time." In the end, however, he gives in and continues the surgery. As he does so, Becket sees Doctor York morph into an Abomination-like monster, a vision of Alma Wade's view of doctors.

York's final fate is not revealed to the player, but it is likely that along with the majority of the other medical staff, he is killed by Colonel Vanek's Black Ops squad.


Although he isn't innocent, York seems to have a somewhat contradictory personality. While working for ATC would imply that he has a lack of morals, he seems genuinely concerned about Becket, although this may just be because Becket is an extremely valuable research specimen that he doesn't want to lose. At the same time, he does sound remorseful when he leans in and tells Becket to "expect a little pinch."


  • York is apparently in charge of the Harbinger hospital facility, as evidenced by the substantial amount of journals referencing him.
  • York made journal entries on all the members of Dark Signal, evaluating their usefulness for the Harbinger project.
  • At some point, he examined both prototypes: the Point Man and Paxton Fettel.
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