The phone message.

Armacham Headquarters - Interval 06 - Voicemail 3 is a phone message found inside Armacham Technology Corporation Headquarters. The message references Armacham Technology Corporation's attempts to discover the reasoning behind the abandonment of the Auburn District. It is implied that the "compounds" mentioned in the voicemail are from decaying barrels of radioactive waste left behind in the ATC-owned Origin Facility. This message is found in Interval 06 - Interception - Unauthorized Personnel.


This is Bill Moody. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but we got a little behind schedule. I'm still out here at the South River Treatment Plant. Anyhow, I've got some preliminary results for you. All the compounds you had me test for were present, although the concentrations are significantly higher than expected. I should have a complete report on your desk Monday morning. Talk to you soon.