A Spectre in Soul King.

Soul King is one of two competitive multiplayer modes in F.E.A.R. 3. The maps featured in this mode are "Black Gold," "Fresh Fish," and "Connections."

Players take the role of Spectres who compete for the title of "Soul King" by possessing enemy NPCs and killing them to obtain their "souls" as points. Players can also kill other players to deduct their points. Generally, the tougher the enemy, the more points their gathered soul will grant. Phase Casters' and Phase Commanders' souls grant the most points. Alma Wade will randomly appear during the game, and looking at her will cause a blue-colored, very tough Scavenger to appear.


  • Winning by 20 rounds will unlock the "Monarch" achievements.


Soul King Trailer

Soul King Trailer

The trailer for Soul King.

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