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Second F.E.A.R. team operatives.

The Second F.E.A.R. team are the second grouping of F.E.A.R. operatives seen in the F.E.A.R. series. They appear solely in the non-canon expansion, F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate.

Vivendi TimelineEdit

F.E.A.R. Perseus MandateEdit

After Armacham Technology Corporation security guards kill Aldus Bishop, and openly begin to battle against F.E.A.R. and Delta Force in F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault Recon, Commander Rodney Betters airdrops a second F.E.A.R. team that is more prepared for combat into Armacham Technology Corporation's Secondary Facility to investigate the company and any wrongdoing it is involved with, as well as to secure Armacham's Global Data and Security Center and to retrieve any information on Project Perseus. The team is then HALO dropped into their mission landing area in the flood waterways. Their mission begins in the Replica-controlled Quarantine Zone. They then rescue a Delta Force team in a records building and, after sweeping the building, the Origin Facility explosion occurs and their primary foe becomes the Nightcrawlers.

The F.E.A.R teams are assisted in their mission by the Special Force Operational Detachment - Delta (or SFOD-D), all wearing dark gray, camouflage uniforms complete with Kevlar vests, ballistic helmets, and elbow and knee protection and primarily wielding RPL Submachineguns and G2A2 Assault Rifles.

After the events of Perseus Mandate, Steve Chen is killed, the Nightcrawler leader is eliminated, Alma Wade's DNA sample is taken back from the Nightcrawlers, and Captain David Raynes and the Sergeant are successfully extracted by helicopter. Nightcrawlers deliver the Source to the Senator.


The second F.EA.R. team HALO jumping from an USAF C-130.

The teamEdit

  • Captain David Raynes: The leader of the secondary F.E.A.R. team, Raynes leads the team through the mission, issuing orders to Lt. Chen and the Sergeant both in person and through the radio.
  • Lieutenant Steve Chen: The second member of the secondary F.E.A.R. team. A wisecracking soldier, Chen seems to possess a well-rounded skill-set which includes combat, forensics, and technical expertise.
  • The Sergeant: A F.E.A.R. combat operative and the protagonist of Perseus Mandate. He shares many similarities to the Point Man, including super-human reflexes.
  • Rodney Betters: The field commander of F.E.A.R. This time he is in a C-130 airborne command center. As in the original F.E.A.R., Betters interacts with the F.E.A.R. team over the radio, issuing orders and providing intelligence. Contact with him is lost halfway through the game, after the explosion of the Origin Facility.
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