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Replica Troopers are the most common type of Variant VII Replicas encountered in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

Monolith Timeline[]

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin[]

These Replicas appear in almost every level that has Replicas forces, the only exceptions being Epicenter and Approach, and are commonly sporting Patten PK470 Assault Rifles. They are tougher than most Armacham troops and are usually more intelligent, as they are capable of taking down several of the lesser Armacham units in the Harbinger Facility without any problem, and are able to use various tactics to outwit the player. These are the regular soldiers encountered throughout the game, and are similar in appearance to the unmasked versions.

F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn[]

These are the most numerous enemies encountered in F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn. They encompass over 50% of all the enemies encountered in the game. Although they are exactly the same as in Project Origin, some carry different weapons. Two of them carry the pistol only, a few carry the submachine gun, and one carries the regular shotgun. Although they aren't supported by Heavy Troopers, many of the battles are fought with other Replica types, such as Snipers, Heavy Armors, and Power Armors, making the fight more difficult.


This variant appears in F.E.A.R 2's multiplayer as part of the Replica faction. Their light armor allows some carrying space, while still granting minimal protection.


  • Foxtrot 813 wears exactly the same uniform as the Replica Troopers.
  • The Replica Troopers greatly resemble the first game's Recon Soldiers, albeit a bit bulkier in terms of armor.
  • Replica Troopers wear a fictional copy of the US M-81 woodland camouflage.
  • Their glowing goggles sort of looks like the yellow version of the glowing green googles [electron (NV) goggles] worn by the clones of Misaka Mikoto (the "Sisters") from "A Certain Scientific Index" series, also like the Misaka clones they are networked, though, perhaps, not to the same degree as Paxton Fettel was able to communicate with Foxtrot 813. http://toarumajutsunoindex.wikia.com/wiki/Sisters