In response to Project Origin being terminated, Armacham Technology Corporation started an alternative project named Project Paragon, designed to develop potential psychic commanders without the dangers of working with Alma Wade. However, the first subject to be exposed to Project Paragon test protocols was Alma herself, at the age of three. The main thrust of the project was to identify psionic abilities in children while they are still impressionable and open to influence.

However, the project has a tract for children that do not display any psychic gifts. These children were exposed to chemicals determined by Armacham to potentially unlock or gift psychic abilities similar to those of Alma or Paxton Fettel.

The children were divided into three test groups: bluebird, tree frog, and lady bug. Each group was exposed to a different chemical compound to test possible development of psychic abilities. In addition to this, children underwent psychic testing from basic ESP tests to telekinesis trails. After each experiment or test, the children were given drugs that caused amnesia, causing them to forget the events.

Children with potential were marked for advancement into Project Harbinger.

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