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Interior section of the Port Authority Airport.

The Port Authority Airport is a location seen in F.E.A.R. 3. It is encountered in Interval 07, just after the Point Man and Paxton Fettel cross the collapsed bridge and swim to safety.

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Alma Wade in the airport.

The Port Authority Airport is a large airport probably set somewhere in Auburn District in Fairport. It features a skylight that runs across the top of the entire middle section of the airport, allowing the player to see the red sky created by Alma Wade's contractions as her mind merges with the real world. Several advertisements for Fairport Airlines are spread throughout the airport. By the time the Point Man and Fettel get to the airport, Armacham Forces are everywhere, and no planes are coming or going as well as . Alma Wade will appear sporadically inside the airport, watching her sons closely. Also Creep appears in the airport and tries to physically harm brothers.

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An ad for perfume found in the hallways of the airport.

After fighting through the airport and returning outside, the Point Man and Fettel discover Michael Becket, who gives them answers as to Alma's pregnancy. To discover answers about his mother, Fettel possesses Becket and confirms that Alma raped Becket and is pregnant with his child. Becket is then killed by the force of Fettel's possession.

The airport contains many enemies, including fights with Armacham soldiers, ATC Sniper, ReplicasScavengers, a Phase CasterPhase Commanders, an Enhanced Power Armor and a helicopter, making it one of the most dangerous locations in the game.  



The logo of One Eyed Willie's.

  • One Eyed Willie's - A location that appears to be a small pub and restaurant. According to its sign, it was established in 1998.
  • News - A small shop with snacks and newspapers.


  • A candy shop in the airport sells candies labeled Fettelz (Skittles), and AlmaJoy (Almond Joy), references to Paxton Fettel and Alma Wade. Also, in the same store, are some magazines with interesting titles: an outdoors magazine is called "NOT INSIDE," as well as a wedding magazine titled "GAME OVER."
  • There are many "Easter Eggs" to be found in the airport, please see the Easter Eggs page for more from this location.


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