Episode 4 - All Evil Things Must Come To An End...?Edit

After some punching, the surviving members of Bravo Squad conclude that they've managed to scare the ghost off. However, Frank points out that since the ghost is invisible, it might still be in the room with them. Frank guesses that the ghost might even have possessed one of the squad members. Bravo 3 agrees that Frank has a point, and suddenly turns around and kills Bravo 2 with his shotgun.

Frank freaks out, but Bravo 3 calmly points out that logically, Bravo 2 was the one who was possessed: The ghost wouldn't reveal it was possessing someone, so Frank's not possessed, and Bravo 3 knows he's not possessed himself, so that means Bravo 2 was possessed by the ghost. Frank yells at Bravo 3, saying that ghost possession was only a guess.

Frank wants to get out of the complex, but when he tells Bravo 3 that Chief is dead, Bravo 3 starts to get suspicious. Stating that all the craziness began shortly after Frank joined the squad, Bravo 3 concludes that Frank must be the ghost, and tries to kill him (much to Frank's logical protests). Frank manages to duck Bravo 3's shotgun blast, and Bravo 3 is suddenly nailed to the wall by the ghost.

Frank offers to leave and come back with a medic, but Bravo 3 quickly dies. Frank decides to just run away, but turns around to find himself face-to-face with the ghost.

The final scene appears to be a homage to the endings of both Doom 3 and Red vs Blue season 1. Alpha Team arrives at the complex to find out what happened to Bravo Squad. They find a single survivor, Frank, huddled in a corner. Frank tells them that Bravo Squad is dead. When asked if he is OK, Frank's eyes begin to glow red and he declares in a raspy voice "My name isn't Bravo 4. My name is... Frank..." The Alpha member asks if Frank would like any eye drops for the redness, Frank declines and asks for a glass of water for his raspy voice.


P.A.N.I.C.S. Episode 4