P.A.N.I.C.S. Episode 3 is the third installment in the P.A.N.I.C.S. series.

Episode 3 - The Writing On The WallsEdit

The Chief and Frank go into the next room to see what has happened to Bravo 1, with Frank going in first. Before the Chief follows, he leaves instructions for Bravo 2 and 3 that if they hear the Chief scream "Corduroy" that they should rush in and help. Bravo 3, of course, disagrees, advising the Chief that a code word in the middle of a panic situation is ill-fated. As the Chief enters the room and Frank screams his name, Bravo 2 and 3 agree that if they hear the word "Corduroy," they will bolt out of the building.

Chief enters the room as Frank is freaking out from the sight of blood covered on all the walls in the room. Some of the walls have messages written in blood, supposedly Bravo 1's. After Frank notices that the blood wraps around a corner, Chief orders Frank to go check it out. As Frank looks into the other room, which has a similair un-stylistic flavor as the other rooms in the building, the camera switches to the killer's perspective as it approaches Chief. The Chief sees the mystery killer and starts screaming "Denim!" and "Polyester!", both which are not the code word he told Bravo 2 and 3. Before he is killed, he curses Bravo 3 for jinxing him. Frank turns around to find the skeletal remains of the Chief asking, "Hey, where did all your meat go?"

Back in the other room with Bravo 2 and 3, they both debate whether they heard the code word spoken. As Bravo 2 tries to come up with an excuse to run to the car, Bravo 3 and then 2 are punched by the invisible killer. After realizing that trying to shoot it they would most likely be shooting each other instead, they drop their weapons and resort to their fists, punching and kicking at nothing but air as Frank enters the room. Perplexed, he asks "What are you doing?", just as he is punched by the invisible killer.


P.A.N.I.C.S. Episode 3

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