Nightcrawler Light Soldiers are enemies that appear in F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate. They are voiced by David Sobolov.

Vivendi TimelineEdit

F.E.A.R. Perseus MandateEdit

Nightcrawler Light Soldiers are highly trained human mercenaries equipped with advanced weaponry. They are more durable and better equipped than Replica soldiers, making them more dangerous opponents.

Nightcrawler Light Soldiers have more health and better armor than regular Replica soldiers; in fact, they are tough enough to survive a direct hit from a frag grenade, or a shot from the Type-7 Particle Weapon. They are typically equipped with VES Advanced Rifles, which do more damage, have better armor penetration, and are more accurate than the regular G2A2 Assault Rifles the Replicas generally use. Due to the VES's better armor penetration, the Nightcrawler Light Soldiers do twice as much direct damage to the player's health compared to Replica soldiers.

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Two Nightcrawler light soldiers being choked by Alma.

Nightcrawler Light Soldiers are the primary opponents on several of the game's levels, and overall in Perseus Mandate, the Sergeant fights them much more frequently than the Replica soldiers or Armacham Technology Corporation's forces. Although they are mostly equipped with VES Advanced Rifles, they are also seen using other weaponry, such and the VK-12 Combat Shotgun and Type-12 Laser Carbines. They are not seen after Interval 05 - Base Camp, after which Nightcrawler Heavy Soldiers take their place in Interval 06


The Nightcrawler Light Soldier is selectable in death match mode.

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