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  • Why are you insistent with putting that she is dead when it was agreed by many years ago that her status is forever unconfirmed, regardless of what is likely or not? You are not being neutral or technically correct in doing this, as a Wiki is supposed to be, you are making an assumption. Unless it is stated by the developer/writer, or had been stated or shown outright in F.E.A.R. 3 that she was dead, Stokes remains forever in limbo, an unknown. Like many other characters, thanks to the shit tier writing of 3. For example, Sergeant Morales, Genevieve Aristide and Holiday didn't show up in 3 either. Does that make them dead as well? Holiday was last seen in a helicopter crash, Morales somehow let Aristide past him, maybe she killed him. Aristide vanished off the face of the earth, maybe the board of directors killed her as a liability. See? Assumptions.

    You have been here for years putting that Stokes is dead based on your feelings, or wish to be right. Stubbornness. Try objectivity instead. Let's come to some reason. Perhaps instead of Deceased or Unknown, we write Mortally Wounded. And let it speak for it's self. That was her status the last time we the player see her. What happens after, death or survival is not shown.

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    • I am being objective about this. Stokes was shot in the stomach, which BTW was unarmored and witnessed through the players’ eyes. Did you even look at her character model? No one goes through the trouble of showing a blood splatter if the writer did not intend for Stokes to die at all. I only edit war against willfull ignorance.

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    • You are being stubborn, and biased. And trying to interpret for yourself what a writer's intent was without looking for and asking him. I would accept the word of the writer regardless of what he confirmed. People survive gunshot wounds to the abdomen. It could well be Morales ran up there and saved her in time, we do not know. Blood splatters when someone is shot, that doesn't make them dead. People bleed. Again, you are assuming, even if something seems or is likely, it has to be outright stated and shown a person is dead. She wasn't. She was shot, her body vanished. Critically Wounded would be a good compromise here, because that's what she was the last we saw her.

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