An excellent overview of the Lithtech: JupiterEx engine features can be found HERE:

In brief, some pertinent features include:

  • True Dynamic Lighting - JupiterEx supports full dynamic lighting, with realtime shadow generation, realistic occlusion, glow effects, and diffuse/specular behavior. (Further details on the lighting system can be found on the Lighting page.)
  • Complex Shader Networks - The engine supports multichannel, numeric constant/tex mapped shading effects with support for diffuse/specular behavior, glow, translucency, bump mapping, simulated refraction, and more.
  • Physics - JupiterEx supports the following physics features:
    • Blended Ragdoll Physics - Ragdoll physics will blend from keyframed animations for more realistic transitions.
    • Simplified Collision Objects
    • Environmental Dynamics - Support for a substantial number of interactive, physically responsive objects throughout a map, even in MP games.
    • Physics support for characters with any number of limbs, from bipeds to quadrupeds, and even characters with more than 4 limbs.
    • Robust Physics Toolset includes ragdoll set-up plug-ins for Max and Maya, collision response tools for tweaking physical responses, and a visual debugger to test and optimize physics for ideal performance.
  • Powerful Dynamics System - JupiterEx supports a number of powerful dynamic effects, including convincing fluid effects, light affected and occluding particle effects, realtime smoke and fog, dynamic lighting options, realistic breakable glass, sparks, tracers, and other effects.
  • Animation - Powerful animation system with support for animation blending/facial blendshapes, phoneme based lip animation, and integration with havok physics.
  • Vehicle Support - It appears that the engine WILL support vehicles, per the Havok vehicles kit, which, if memory serves, is very very similar to the vehicle setup in UT2k4.
  • Advanced Toolset - The JupiterEx toolset includes the WorldEdit mapping utility, the ModelEdit utility which contains tools to allow artists to tweak their models for engine optimization and functionality, the FXEdit utility to allow artists to create, preview, and tweak effects in real time without the need for recompile, and advanced support for both Maya and 3DStudioMax.

Other GamesEdit

Other games based on the Jupiter engine include:

Tron 2.0 -

No One Lives Forever 2 (aka nolf2) -

SAS: Secure Tomorrow -

Mortyr IV: Operation Thunderstorm -

Terrorist Takedown 2 -

Terrorist Takedown 3 -

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