Interval 07 - Port
Let's Play Fear 3 Co-op - Interval 07 - Port

Let's Play Fear 3 Co-op - Interval 07 - Port

Interval Name
Interval 07 - Port
F.E.A.R. 3
Port Authority Airport
ATC Forces
Replica Troopers
Phase Caster
ATC Snipers
Phase Commanders
Enhanced Power Armor

Interval 07 - Port is the seventh interval in F.E.A.R. 3. It takes place during the time that the Point Man and Paxton Fettel navigate through the Port Authority Airport.


This article is about a walkthrough from F.E.A.R. 3, and is therefore written like a guide.

As soon as you gain control, you have to face two Scavengers right off the bat. If you're the Point Man, there is an ammo box to the right that is full of Briggs SMG ammo and one or two frag grenades. Keep walking forward and Scavengers will spawn in two more locations ahead of you, usually two to three at a time, until you reach the staircase. Make sure you don't run forward or you'll spawn them all at once. There's also another ammo box to the right a little ways past the first one with assault rifles and another frag grenade. When you walk up the stairs, a Scavenger spawns on top of the plane. If you're fast, turn on Slow-Mo (or levitate it as Fettel) and kill it. Head through the doors and into the hallway.

Inside the hallway, a Scavenger will spawn in front of you. There is an SMG on the floor right in front of you if you need any. As you move forward, two more Scavengers come from the right. When you get to the doors, something spawns beyond them and tortures the soldier on the other side. When whatever killed the soldier flings his body, it opens the doors for you.

In the area beyond, more Scavengers appear, but they just run off somewhere. There is some pistol ammo on the floor just by the reception desk, and some assault rifle ammo next to a Psychic Link in a little room at the far end of the area. Head through the doorway (by the TV screens) and eventually you'll come to a pool of blood. There is some pistol ammo in the pool, and on the shelf to the left there is a Flashbang Grenade and a pair of MP-970s. There is also a Link at the end of the hall to the left. Open the door with the claw marks in it and it'll fall off its hinges.

In the room beyond, two Scavengers are fighting with some Replicas. Take cover behind the low countertop just in front of you. If you're playing as Fettel, there are two tall propane tanks that can be thrown. When the Replicas are dispatched, one or two soldiers come out of the room to the right of the elevator. Two Scavengers also appear and fight the soldiers. Open the door to the right of the bar and shoot the fire extinguisher to cause some damage to the Replica that comes from the door in front of you.

Walk through the door and open the door to your left. There's a Link just ahead of you in a corner. Head up the stairs. If you want any assault rifle and/or pistol ammo, there is a crate full of them to your right on the landing. After opening the door, there is a Replica leaning over the railing just in front. Shoot him in the back and quickly run forward to take cover behind the railing, just at the furthest corner. If you take cover in the doorway, you won't be able to get a good shot at the enemies, and if you choose to take cover behind the crates, the soldiers will come up the side and take potshots through the gate to the left. When all of the initial enemies are dealt with, a soldier and a Replica will come through the door in the small restaurant in the front. If you're the Point Man, toss a grenade when it opens to kill both of them.

Pass through the door, and run forward and take cover behind the crates to your left. There are some Troopers and soldiers to take care of here, but nothing overwhelming. Once a certain number are dead, two Scavengers will appear and take out whatever soldiers are left and then come for you. Walk forward and take a left to find a gap in the railing to drop down.

Take cover behind the kiosk by the wall, and some Troopers and soldiers will come through the door at the far end. At least two Scavengers will also be summoned and will engage with the soldiers, though one may come for you. Walk through the door that the enemies came through, and walk down the hall. After opening the door, you'll see a brief glimpse of the Armacham Phase Commanders and Michael Becket going through a wall. At this point, you'll get a new objective to cut through the Food Court.

Walk through the sliding doors to see a Scavenger tear apart a soldier. If you're the Point Man, grab his assault rifle and continue on. Search this area carefully, as at least two or three Links can be here, as well as lots of ammo and grenades, mostly MP-970s and Zap grenades. There are also at least three hiding spots for the Alma Doll in the Food Court. Walk down the stairs and the elevator door opens. Walk through the elevator to the other side and up the other stairs in front of you. Walk through the open door under the brightly lit restaurant sign and move through the kitchen. When you come the the escalators, take a left and under the gate of the restaurant for a Link. Walk forward and crouch to get under the barely open gate to the other side.

When two Scavengers appear in front of you, don't bother attacking them, as they just run off. Take a left into the dark room to see that the Scavengers killed two soldiers for you. They then run off to the other part of the area to attack the Replicas and soldiers there. Take cover and take care of the enemies here. When they are dead, another Trooper runs down the stairs. In a little cubby hole, almost under the escalators, is an ammo box with pistol ammo and three frag grenades. At the top of the escalators, there is a Replica and another behind the sandbags just behind him. Around the corner, next to the kiosk, are two Replicas and a soldier waiting for you, although if you take long enough to head in their direction, one or two may come looking for you. Walk through the doors into the Executive club.

In the club, the Phase Commander will taunt you, but first he will send soldiers to attack you. There is a crate of Flashbangs and MP-970s, and more 970s from the downed soldiers. When the last soldier is gone, the Commander will come for you. If you have any Zap grenades, use them on the Commander to lock him in place while you line up shots. Flashbangs will also work in almost the same regard, and there are three to be found here. If playing as Fettel, use the same tactics on this Commander as the one faced in Interval 05. When the Commander is down, two more soldiers will come into the room. There is a Link to be found in the kitchen.

Exit the Club to find a helicopter stalking you. It won't attack you now, however. Take cover behind the railing and snipe at the soldiers and Troopers below you. The enemies are grouped close enough together that you can get the Perfect Soldier challenge for three headshots in one Slow-Mo without much difficulty. If you didn't bring the Commander's Penetrator with you, there is a crate full of them just to your left. If you are playing as the Point Man, note that this is the only Interval where you can complete the Ventilation Expert challenge for 25 kills with the S-HV Penetrator. Make sure to aim for the head, as the next ammo pick-up for the weapon after leaving this floor is a long way off.

When the enemies are dead, jump up onto the crate and through the broken gate to the next area. After hopping down, two soldiers will come out from the sliding door. There is an ammo crate with two frag grenades and a Penetrator. Walk over to the railing and there will be two or three soldiers on the ground floor.

Hop down and another Commander will be heard on the radio, ordering his troops to engage you. Two Replicas will come from a door on the left wall, and will be standing close together, perfect for a grenade toss if you're playing as the Point Man. Two enemies will be on the floor above you, so ascend the stairwell where the Replicas came from and engage them in their own level.

After they are killed, two soldiers will come from the sliding door at the end of the area, with two Troopers on the ground and two Armacham Snipers on the balcony in front of you. Take cover behind the doors and deal with them. Be aware that the Replicas will throw Zap grenades to your position. Slow-Mo will be very useful here, combined with either the Penetrator or assault rifle. If playing as Fettel, levitating them and a stun blast to the head works wonders at dispatching them quickly.

Head up the stairs and you will be confronted by the helicopter that was stalking you earlier. If you are the Point Man, there is plenty of ammo for the Goliath to be found here. Don't stay out in the open, as the chopper's Gatling guns will deplete your health very quickly, especially on the harder difficulty settings. If you are playing as Fettel, however, you must either possess one of the snipers from earlier, so that you can pick up one of the missile launchers, or take cover and fire stun blasts at the helicopter. After the helicopter is destroyed, a Scavenger will break the security gate to a newsstand and run away.

Walk through the store and out the back door into the stairwell. At the very bottom is a Link. Continue on through the stairwells and you'll come out into a room with conveyor belts. Your new objective is to kill the Phase Caster, who is controlling the power to the control station. Unlike the other Casters fought, this one will only summon Replica Troopers. There are lots of explosive barrels scattered around this area, and three fire extinguishers that can be shot at (or levitated and thrown) if an enemy passes near them. The Phase Caster will always stay on the catwalks, and will have a good shot at you from almost any angle, so take cover inside one of the two rooms. After the Caster and his Troopers are no more, pull the lever on the control panel in the upper room to get the conveyor belt to move upwards. Hop on and ride it until you are dropped off in a room with lots of luggage carriers.

In this room, Scavengers will spawn as you walk forward. Keep dispatching them as you move forward, using much the same tactics for the ones faced in Interval 06. There is a Link amongst the luggage at the far end of the room. Pull the lever on the control panel in the room next to the conveyor belt to open the small door on the belt. Walk along the belt until you come to a pile of suitcases and can't go any further. Open the small door into the reception.

In this place, the Creep will stalk you, but it won't attack just yet. If you are playing as the Point Man, there is a door you can open behind the reception desks that leads to a room with assault rifle ammo and two frag grenades. There is also some ammo for the MP-970s amongst the corpses of soldiers at the blocked off entrance doors. There may be a Link among them, or propped up against a wall by the boxes. Enter the open sliding doors into the next area.

After watching the helicopter get blown out of the sky by another contraction, notice that the screen gets a grayish tone, and the Creep can be heard growling. Walk past the crashed chopper into the next area, and the flames will consume the place you just came from.

When Fettel says "We cannot avoid that atrocity for much longer.", the Creep will start attacking you. Just like in Interval 05, he can kill you, so shoot at the approaching ash when you hear footsteps. The younger incarnation of Alma Wade will appear here as well, mostly at the places the Creep attacks you, as a warning of sorts.

Make it through this area to the sliding doors to the security checkpoint.

Once inside the security checkpoint, the Commander on the radio will order his troops to attack, and they will throw smoke grenades. Note that the smoke will fill almost the whole room, so retreat to cover and wait for it to clear. There is a large stockpile of various types of ammo to be had here, as well as all three types of grenades. The first enemies will come from the back of the area and take cover behind the desks. Once they are down, two sets of double doors on each side of the room will open up and enemies will pour out, including Replica shotgunners, ATC soldiers and a Riot Trooper. After they are all cleared out, the game automatically saves, and two Phase Commanders will fight you at once. If you are the Point Man, quickly pick up one of the Riot Shields. There is one that the Riot Trooper was using, and there is another one in the left locker room.

Crouch in a corner to put the shield between you and the Commanders. If you aim for the head, there should be enough ammo. If you are playing as Fettel, however, in the left locker room, at the back are two large boxes. The left one sits just far enough away from the wall for you to crouch and hide behind. You then have a clear shot at levitating and using stun blasts on the Commanders, but they won't be able to get to you. This tactic can also be used for the Point Man. Once the Commanders are down, the door out of the security station unlocks.

Take the stairs down, and hop off the ledge. Go through the door and into a large room. There may or may not be a Link here. At the other side of the area, there is a large sliding door that you need to open. Press the button, and prepare for the largest spawning of Scavengers in the game. Quickly run to the dumpsters and squeeze into the corner by the dumpster and pipes. It this spot, the Scavengers won't be able to get to you, but you'll have a clear shot on all of them. This is one of the few places in the game to easily get the Invincible/Godlike challenges. After all of the Scavengers have been killed, run to the door and press the button on the inside for the door to close. You must press the button to close the garage door, or the exit door won't open. After the door closes and the other opens, keep walking until you are in a waiting room. There is some assault rifle ammo in here, along with a Link. Exit the double doors.

Once outside, if you are the Point Man, you can pilot the REV9 Powered Armor to make the last part of this level much easier. If you are playing as Fettel, though, you need to possess one of the Troopers to be able to use it. Kill the Replicas here and in the next small area. When the soldier is heard on the radio calling in an Enhanced Power Armor, shoot at the farthest gas truck until it explodes, to give you something to hide behind. When the EPA comes in out of the sky, quickly use your power armor's laser beam to deplete the EPA's health fast. Don't stay in the open for long, and keep using both your cannons and laser until it is destroyed.

When the EPA is dispatched, the two Commanders that were transporting Becket will fight you. However, these Commanders won't go anywhere, so you can just sit there and fire on them with the laser and cannons or simply melee them to death. After the Commanders have been killed, approach Becket's containment chamber and its the end of Interval 07.