The Hannibal-3 spy satellite is used for intelligence gathering by F.E.A.R..

Both TimelinesEdit

F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault ReconEdit

For the duration of the Armacham Technology Corporation's Replica uprising crisis, the Hannibal-3 spy satellite is under F.E.A.R. control. F.E.A.R. coordinator Rowdy Betters uses the satellite to track the first F.E.A.R. team, Paxton Fettel and the movement of Replica forces.

Vivendi TimelineEdit

In F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate the Hannibal-3 spy satellite is also used to monitor the second F.E.A.R. team. After the explosion of the Origin Facility, the satellite is not mentioned again in either Perseus Mandate or F.E.A.R. Extraction Point, suggesting it may have lost tracking ability of the situation.

Monolith TimelineEdit

Armacham Field GuideEdit

In the Armacham Field Guide it is mentioned that Armacham Technology Corporation has direct access to feeds from the Hannibal-3 spy satellite, unbeknownst to F.E.A.R. coordinator Rowdy Betters and all F.E.A.R. Operatives.

Characteristics and possible identityEdit

Most of this is unknown, however, it does have at the least a high magnification camera that can track individuals both tagged, such as Paxton Fettel, and untagged, such as the Point Man, at street level. The satellite is a product of ATC, which allows the company to track targets of interest.


  • In F.E.A.R. there are several models of satellites in the ATC headquarters building. It is possible that one of these is the Hannibal-3.
  • ATC has installed tracker on Paxton Fettel, thus he can be tracked via Hannibal-3.
  • Some point in the seventh interval of the F.E.A.R., the Hannibal-3 suffered from unknown source of interference, presumably from ATC or influenced by Alma herself. 
  • After the Origin Facility Explosion, the Hannibal-3 is no longer active. 
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