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Flashbang Grenade
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The Flashbang Grenade is a grenade that is featured in F.E.A.R. 3.

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F.E.A.R. 3Edit

F.E.A.R. 3 concept of grenades

Concept art of grenades: Flashbang on the left, Frag grenade on the right.

As in the real world, the Flashbang Grenade temporarily blinds an enemy, effectively stunning them for a brief period and allowing for the player to assassinate them before they regain their senses. These can also be used for a quick getaway, though the Flashbang does not work on Scavengers, Mech Mules, Armacham defense turrets, or any of the Power Armor series.

Flashbangs are often used by Phase Commanders and Phase Casters in an attempt to blind the Point Man and Paxton Fettel for a short retreat. When used on the player, their vision will become blurred, rather than outright blinded. Note that Casters and Commanders will not announce when they will throw a Flashbang, so the player must keep watch for the sight or sound of a thrown grenade, and be sure to turn in the other direction to null the effects of the grenade. Two Flashbang grenades are dropped by these enemies when killed, and are also uncommonly found in weapons stashes. In fact, the Flashbang is the rarest type of grenade in the game, and due to its role in temporarily incapacitating enemies, it can be easily replaced by Zap grenades, which also damage an enemy while also keeping them in place and unable to retaliate.

When active (i.e., having been thrown) and idle states, the Flashbang will emit a flashing blue light similar to the light from the Zap grenade, though the Flashbang emits a brighter hue.


  • The Flashbang in-game is based on the American M84 Flash Grenade.
  • If the player holds the grenade to cook it, if the fifth tick is reached, the grenade actually doesn't explode immediately after it has been thrown, but will explode later, as if was not cooked to the fifth tick. The grenade also behaves in this manner if any of the other four ticks are reached before it is thrown. This behavior does not manifest if the grenade is thrown at an enemy.


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