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These are the Secrets and Easter Eggs found in F.E.A.R. Extraction Point.

Secrets and Easter Eggs[]

Norton Mapes dancing.

  • In Interval 05 - Extraction Point - Malignancy, if the player shoots several times at the air vent above the painting of the waterfall in room 56B (after the nurse creature), the wall in the room will open up, leading to a secret area with Norton Mapes doing a bizarre dance in front of a weird picture. The player can then shoot Mapes to kill him.
    • The picture behind Mapes could possibly be a poster of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division series.
  • In Interval 05 - Extraction Point - Malignancy part 1, just in the waiting room where the player starts out the level, there are some magazines on the tables with unusual names, such as: "PC FEAR," "TRUST," and "Fried Chicken Monthly, the premier poultry magazine."
  • In the level Dark Heart, after Alma Wade's two halves reunite, a secret room can be found in the storage room by entering the vent system above a stack of white crates, then smashing the spinning fan inside to get past. Norton Mapes's ragdoll body will be dancing in a multicolored room with the theme music from Shogo: Mobile Armor Division playing in the background.
  • Dell makes what can be considered an in-game advertisement with XPS-themed monitors, cpu cases and laptops. They start appearing at the last part of Interval 03 and are seen throughout the warehouse and the parking building.

An example of a Dell XPS advertisement.

  • In several places in the subway, subway maps are present (seemingly to increase realism), however these are actually parts of real New York City Metro subway maps. This is likely just an easter egg, since the F.E.A.R. series takes place in a fictional (and seemingly west-coast) city called Fairport. Some of the maps are blurred to make them less recognizable, but on a few the writing and symbols are clear and are thus easily recognized as New York subway maps.


Achievements are rewards earned for meeting a specific goal. Below is a list of obtainable achievements and what must be done to earn each.

Note: These achievements can only be found in the complete expansion pack, F.E.A.R. Files, and so may require a playthrough of F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate to complete.

Picture Name Description Points
Instant Gratification.jpg
Instant Gratification Complete all Instant Action maps on any difficulty in any order 20 points
Glutton For Punishment.jpg
Glutton for Punishment Complete all Instant Action maps on Extreme difficulty in any order 55 points
Entering Desolation.jpg
Entering Desolation Complete the Extraction Point campaign through Holiday 30 points
Confronting The Leviathans.jpg
Confronting the Leviathans Complete the Extraction Point campaign through The L 30 points
Living In Fear.jpg
Living in Fear Complete the Extraction Point campaign 60 points
Mastery Of Fear.jpg
Mastery of Fear Complete the Extraction Point campaign on Extreme 75 points
Achievement Boost.jpg
Achievement Boost Find all the health and Slow-mo boosters in the Extraction Point campaign 40 points
No Batteries.jpg
No Batteries Complete the Extraction Point campaign without letting the flashlight run down 15 points
Fear My Wrath.jpg
Fear My Wrath Kill every enemy in the Extraction Point campaign 55 points
Take A Message.jpg
Take a Message Answered all the phones in the Extraction Point campaign 15 points
Laser Showoff.jpg
Laser Showoff Kill 30 enemies with the Type-12 Laser Carbine 15 points
Minigun Marauder.jpg
Minigun Marauder Kill 30 enemies with the TG-2A Minigun 15 points
Control Freak.jpg
Control Freak Capture 25 control points in ranked Control matches 15 points
Conquering Hero.jpg
Conquering Hero Capture 25 control points in ranked Conquer All matches 15 points
Cycle Of F.E.A.R..jpg
Cycle of F.E.A.R. Win a ranked multiplayer game on all maps (gametype not important) 35 points
Fear The Reaper.jpg
Fear the Reaper Kill 3 players while Slow-Mo is active in a ranked Slow-Mo multiplayer match 10 points