Contractions is a multiplayer mode featured in F.E.A.R. 3. The maps featured in this mode are "The Commute," "Mechanized Invasion," and "This Is Suicide!"

F.E.A.R. 3Edit

This mode can be played by 1-4 players and pits the players against 20 waves of Alma Wade's minions, ATC and Replica Soldiers. Alma walks around the level as the player fights, appearing in her younger form, and as a red glow in the distance. Looking at her or shooting her will result in a major penalty. She will either down the player on the spot, blinding them temporarily, slowing them down to a crawl, sending them to the edge of the map, or downing them and then sending them to the end of the map. Teamwork is the key to victory in this mode.  After 20 waves, an SFOD-D team comes in for extraction, although this is not seen.


The goal is to survive as long as possible while fighting hordes of Alma's minions, as well as Armacham Soldiers, including Phase Casters and Phase Commanders, as well as Cultists. Players will be equipped with the Strader Mk. VII, and can pick up supply crates from outside to an armory inside the main hub, to stock up on weapons. Players can occasionally use REV9 Powered Armor as support weapon.

Solo Practice NotesEdit

  • As the player has no allies, the difficulty will become significantly harder on later rounds, even when the difficulty setting is at its lowest. The player will not be able to pick up as many supply crates before the timer between waves runs out.
  • The player should save up heavier weapons until necessary (around round 5).
  • The knife should be used as much as possible to conserve ammo.
  • Using the REV9 Powered Armor in the Mechanized Invasion map will allow the player to survive tougher foes than would normally be possible.


FEAR 3 Contractions Multiplayer Trailer

FEAR 3 Contractions Multiplayer Trailer

The Trailer for Contractions.

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