This article contains a list of Console Commands that can be used for F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault Recon and its non-canon expansions, F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate and F.E.A.R. Extraction Point.


To activate the cheats, the player must press the ????? when playing the game, then type any of the commands below and press enter.

godToggles "God Mode" (invincibility).
poltergeistToggles "Ghost Mode" (invisibility).
gunsGives player all weapons.
ammoGives player full ammo.
healthGives player full health.
armorGives player full armor.
kfaGives all weapons, full ammo, full health, and full armor.
tearsGives all weapons, and toggles infinite ammo with no reloading.
gearPermanently increases the player's health and reflexes.
mapholeSkips to the next level.
posToggles "Show position" mode.
buildDisplays build version.
gimmegun pistolGives weapon AT-14 Pistol.
gimmegun dual pistolsGives weapon Dual AT-14 Pistols.
gimmegun submachinegunGives weapon RPL Sub-Machinegun.
gimmegun assault rifleGives weapon G2A2 Assault Rifle.
gimmegun shotgunGives weapon VK-12 Combat Shotgun.
gimmegun nail gunGives weapon 10mm HV Penetrator.
gimmegun semi-auto rifleGives weapon ASP Rifle.
gimmegun missile launcherGives weapon MOD-3 Multi-Rocket Launcher.
gimmegun cannonGives weapon MP-50 Repeating Cannon.
gimmegun plasma weaponGives weapon Type-7 Particle Weapon.
gimmegun frag grenadeGives weapon N6A3 Fragmentation Grenade.
gimmegun proximityGives weapon AT-S Proximity Mine.
gimmegun remote chargeGives weapon M77 Remote Bomb.
gimmegun turretShows confirmation, but has no effect.
gimmegun turret_streetGives the player a turret with infinite ammo.
gimmeammo pistolGives full ammo for AT-14 pistol.
gimmeammo smgGives full ammo for RPL Sub-Machinegun.
gimmeammo assaultrifleGives full ammo for G2A2 Assault Rifle.
gimmeammo shotgunGives full ammo for VK-12 Combat Shotgun.
gimmeammo nailgunGives full ammo for 10mm HV Penetrator.
gimmeammo rifleGives full ammo for ASP Rifle.
gimmeammo missileGives full ammo for MOD-3 Multi-Rocket Launcher.
gimmeammo cannonGives full ammo for MP-50 Repeating Cannon.
gimmeammo plasmaGives full ammo for Type-7 Particle Weapon.
gimmeammo fragGives more N6A3 Fragmentation Grenades.
gimmeammo proximityGives more AT-S Proximity Mines.
gimmeammo remote chargeGives more M77 Remote Bombs.
gimmeammo turret_streetShows confirmation, but has no effect.

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point cheatsEdit

The following commands, as well as the ones above, are available in F.E.A.R. Extraction Point.

gimmegun lasercarbineGives weapon Type-12 Laser Carbine.
gimmegun minigunGives weapon TG-2A Minigun.
gimmegun deployableturretShows confirmation, but has no effect.
gimmeammo laserGives full ammo for Type-12 Laser Carbine.
gimmeammo minigunGives full ammo for TG-2A Minigun.
gimmeammo deployableturretShows confirmation, but has no effect.

F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate cheatsEdit

The following commands, as well as the ones above, are available in F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate.

gimmegun grenadelauncherGives weapon K3-BT Grenade Launcher.
gimmegun chainlightninggunGives weapon LP4 Lightning Arc Weapon.
gimmegun advancedrifleGives weapon VES Advanced Rifle.
gimmeammo grenadelauncherGives full ammo for K3-BT Grenade Launcher.
gimmeammo chainlightninggunGives full ammo for LP4 Lightning Arc Weapon.
gimmeammo advancedrifleGives full ammo for VES Advanced Rifle.

Notes Edit

  • When the player uses the "guns" command, only the first three guns can be selected using the "Weapon slot #" keys. The rest must be selected using the "Next weapon" and "Previous weapon" keys as configured in the controls menu. This cheat also permanently increases the size of the player's inventory, allowing the player to hold more than three weapons even after all of the weapons given by the cheat are dropped.
  • The "ammo" command will only give ammo for weapons that the player already has. It will also fill the player's supply of grenade-type weapons, but only for those which the player has already used in the current game.
  • Typing the "tears" command a second time will disable the infinite ammo and no-reloading, but the player will keep all of the weapons.
  • Typing the "gear" command has the same effect as picking up one Health Booster and one Reflex Booster. Even with this cheat, the player's maximum health can never exceed 199.
  • The "gimmegun" commands will only work when the player's inventory is not full (i.e., when the player is carrying fewer than three weapons), and will also cause the player to drop one gun if he or she is carrying any. Typing a "gimmegun" command for a gun that the player already has will also give full ammo for that gun (same effect as the "gimmeammo" command), but only if the player's inventory is not full.
  • The "gimmegun turret_street" command will only work if the player is not carrying any guns, and the turret will disappear if the player picks up a gun. The turret has no melee attack. The turret has infinite ammo, so the "gimmeammo turret_street" command has no effect.
  • Since the "gimmegun deployableturret" and "gimmeammo deployableturret" commands have no effect, the AP-5 Deployable Turret can only be obtained using the "guns", "kfa" and "tears" commands, or the "ammo" command if the weapon has already been found.
  • In Interval 07 - Extermination - Clone Facility of F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate, the God Mode command can be used to survive a drop into an elevator shaft. At the bottom is a door leading to a lab filled with cacti. Armor, medkits, as well as ammo for the Grenade Launcher and the Lightning Weapon can also be found. At the end, a blue portal behind a door takes the player back to the area where the elevator was seen crashing down.

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