Cannibals (also known as Leapers in the game achievements) are zombified enemies in F.E.A.R. 3. They used to be regular civilians of Fairport, but now have been driven insane by the psychic influence of Alma Wade.

Monolith TimelineEdit

F.E.A.R. 3Edit

The Cannibals appear to have been normal citizens at some point, but as Alma's world grew stronger and started to meld with the real world, their minds started to be influenced by her. They now worship Alma to the point that most of their shrines are completely covered in blood. They most often appear with groups of Cultists, but are more dangerous due to their ranged knife attacks and agility. They are pale white and shirtless, and all of them have some kind of sign on their bodies, either a vortex or an 'A' on their forehead or chest, either painted on with blood or carved into their bodies. They also have severed hands or heads hung on their belts or used as necklaces. They are encountered in Interval 03 as enemies, but several are seen in Intervals 04 and 05 in scripted events, but are not fought in those levels.

They usually throw knives at the Point Man and Paxton Fettel, but will melee them with their knife if they are close, usually if the player enters melee range. When thrown, their knives are very damaging and are deadly accurate, so cover must be taken when fighting them. They are extremely agile and can jump long distances. With other enemies, say Cultists and their explosive belt varient, the Cannibals will be very annoying if the players stand in the open, while the latter will rush the players and keep them occupied, and the former will act as ranged support. To counter their "knife stream", go to an overhead cover, or places that players are less likely to be exposed, use Slow-Mo and fight one at a time. If possible, get close and let Cannibals attempt to melee the player, their knife throwing attack is actually harder to avoid even with Slow-Mo.

At close, EL-10 CAS works wonders, try Briggs SMG and Strader Mk. VII if there is a stand-off between the player and them.

They can be possessed by Fettel, and are the only way for the player to pick up different melee weapons.


  • It is possible to gain their knife-throwing ability without directly possessing them. As a possessed Cultist, players can approach knives thrust into walls and be supplied with an endless amount.
  • Along with the Mech Mule, the Cannibals are not encountered in any of the multiplayer modes.
  • Though the Cannibals make shrines in worship to Alma and write messages about her, they are not capable of speech, just like the Cultists. Instead, they growl or shout garbled noises, akin to the Abominations seen in F.E.A.R. 2.


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