Armacham Replica Troopers are Replica soldiers that are controlled by Armacham Technology Corporation in F.E.A.R. 3. They act as a heavier armored version of the Armacham Soldiers and wield more damaging weapons.

They look very similar to the Replica Soldiers encountered in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, including a similar ceramic face plate and electronic eye lenses. Some

Monolith TimelineEdit

F.E.A.R. 3Edit

Instead of being limited to carrying the Strader Mk. VII, EL-10 CAS, Briggs SMG and grenades, the Replica Troopers mainly carry the G3A3 Assault Rifle and can also be equipped with XS Shock Grenades. This makes them a more difficult enemy than the Armacham Grunts. They also wear better armor than the Grunts, which is quite noticeable, as they do not die after one shot from the sniper rifle and/or one hit with a sliding kick; both of which are normally fatal to the regular soldiers. 

2 ATC Soldier (3)

An Armacham Replica Shotgunner.

As with the Armacham Soldiers, there are several versions of them. The first type wears a navy blue colored uniform with dark grey armor and blue eye lenses. They carry the G3A3 Assault Rifle and shock grenades. A limited amount of them in Interval 05 will carry a green oxygen tank behind them that is highly explosive; these troopers only carry the Briggs SMG and frag grenades. The second type wears a red colored uniform with green armor and orange eye lenses. They use the EL-10 CAS. The third and final type are equipped with a highly explosive green tank behind them that can be shot and blown to pieces. The tank is similar to the suicide Cultists, in that they will injure any people near the explosion as well as killing the carrier. They are also similar to the Black Ops Hazmats seen in F.E.A.R. 2, although there are not any areas in Fairport where there might be a lack of oxygen or poisonous chemicals in the air, due to the Almaverse infesting the entire area of city. They armed with Briggs SMG.

2 ATC Soldier (2)

An Armacham Replica Explosive Tank Trooper.

There are also two more specialized versions of them mainly encountered in specific parts of the campaign. The Riot Soldiers looks exactly like the Navy Blue soldiers except they carry the Riot Gear, making them very difficult to kill. The Rocket Trooper looks exactly like the red colored soldiers but carries the Goliath. They also have an extra face plate, probably to shield them from the explosive blast of the rocket launcher. They can also be summoned by the Phase Casters to counter against the Point Man and Paxton Fettel in the late Interval. Where their main forces is almost out of number. 

A "ghost" version of the assault rifle and shotgun versions will be summoned by the Creep in the last level of the game.  However, they don't shout out commands or make any sounds at all.


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