The Armacham Replica Riot Trooper are an enemy that appears infrequently in F.E.A.R. 3.

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F.E.A.R. 3Edit

"Armacham Replica Riot Troopers" are called as such due to their usage of Riot Gear as weaponry throughout the game. They are Replicas working under the command of Armacham Technology Corporation.

The Replica Riot is essentially a Replica Soldier that resembles a Variant VII Replica Heavy soldier, with minor aesthetic differences. This type of enemy is only encountered in limited numbers in Intervals 05 and 07. Confident and disciplined, Replica Riots use their Riot Shield to steadily advance and eliminate their target at close ranges. As shock troopers, Replica Riots will aggressively rush at the player and will almost always attempt to close in on their targets for a kill. The shields they possess leave few vulnerable points, and offer a great deal of protection against firearms.


  • They are best dealt with through the usage of Flashbang Grenades or XS Shock Grenades, which can stun and/or blind them, allowing the player to kill them while their shield is down. If the player is running low on these, take out other enemies first, so they don't get free potshots while the player is trying to concentrate on the Riot Troopers.
  • Arc Beam will ignore their shield and will do even more damage if they are close together.
  • If playing as Point Man, then use Slow-Mo to go try to get around the shields, if the player doesn't have any Flash or Zap grenades.
  • If playing the campaign as Fettel, try to aim at the Trooper's exposed hand to levitate the Trooper, which will lower is shield in the process for possession of him or access to his head for a killing blast.
  • Don't rely too much on cover, as the Riot Troopers will ignore this unlike most other soldiers, and continue to advance and try to get behind the player.


  • Unlike the other Replicas, who will speak amongst themselves or shout threats at the player, the Riot Troopers are never heard to speak anywhere in the game.
  • Just as the Riot Gear prevents the player from using grenades when equipped, the same goes for the Riot Trooper, and as such he is the only soldier in the game that doesn't utilize grenades against the player.


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