The unanswered phone.

Armacham Headquarters - Interval 07 - Voicemail 7 are two voice messages left on Genevieve Aristide's phone at Armacham Technology Corporation Headquarters. These messages are found in Interval 07 - Redirection - Flight of F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault Recon.

Message 1 TranscriptEdit

Genevieve, Harlan Wade here. I got your message. First off, please don't presume to know my feelings, it's insulting. And don't lecture me about burying the dead like some fuckwit shrink. The bottom line is that we wouldn't be in this situation if you didn't ignore my warnings. And now you want to dig the hole deeper. Sooner or later you're gonna dig right down to hell.

Message 2 TranscriptEdit

I got your message, Genevieve. I think what Harlan is trying to say is that we should be leery of kneejerk impulses. I understand that there are some time pressures to consider, but we really need to be thinking strategically. Reopening the Vault at this point strikes me as a dubious proposition considering all that's happened. It's probable that we'd just be adding fuel to the fire.