Alma Interviews

Alma Interviews

The Alma Interviews.

The Alma Interviews are a series of minute long, live action vignettes filmed by Vivendi Universal for the sake of elucidating some of the game's back story. The videos serve as a prequel to the events of F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault Recon, taking place 38 years before the game's events. The videos only appear on the F.E.A.R. Gold Edition.

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Alma InterviewsEdit

The series centers on a particular interview with Alma Wade, conducted by an Armacham Technology Corporation scientist, Dr. Green, who initially tries to develop a rapport with Alma but gives up when the child is clearly unreceptive to her questions. Becoming agitated, Dr. Green threatens to punish Alma, who begins to lash out in anger. Alma taunts Dr. Green, appearing and disappearing at will, eventually appearing in a mirror behind Dr. Green. When Dr. Green threatens to send Alma back to her cell, the child forces her to draw an image of a man wearing a mask. Alma then approaches the doctor at supernatural speed, and demands to know who the man in the drawing is.

As the interview drags on, Alma causes Dr. Green to hallucinate that she is trapped in the small cell, the same one in which Alma is implied to reside. Alma then shows the doctor images of men bandaged the same as in the drawing, who are implied to be prototype Replicas. Alma claims that the men have told her that Dr. Green is going to kill her, an accusation which Dr. Green vehemently denies. As Alma approaches Dr. Green, the doctor hides in a corner and eventually throws a chair across the room, revealing that Alma is not in the room at all, although Dr. Green sees the child standing just in front of her. Dr. Green begins cowering in fear and muttering incoherently, the psi-horror having taken its toll on her sanity.

The interview over, Dr. Green crawls from the room on her hands and knees, as Alma skips happily around her.


  • A scientist is seen observing the interview from behind a mirror. He is likely Harlan Wade, the father of Alma and lead scientist of Project Origin.
  • There is a continuity issue in the video. The date of the interview is listed as 10/18/2005, however, this is impossible, as both the Monolith and Vivendi timelines place Alma's birth in the 70's, with her having been put into an induced coma in the 80's. Were the interview to actually take place in 2005, Alma would have been 26 years old, rather than the 7 year old girl seen in the video.
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